We are moving to new Face++ Cognitive Services

This old Face++ platform will end service by 1st May, 2017. Please visit our all new Face++ Cognitive Services.
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Face Detection/Tracking


Face++ face detection/tracking technology provides fast and accurate functions of face location detection. Our technology support both image and video, which can tackle multiple head poses and complicated illuminations.

20 frames per second on mobile device support and 16x16 pixel face area can be detected. Our real-time face detector enable cameras to capture face area before taking photos. Also, leading better  light meter and focus which brings take nicer face images.

Take Meitu Camera and Crows Coming as typical cases. With our technology, Meitu Camera achieves precise face positioning and instantly optimized effects. Crows Coming creates a brand-new interactive mobile gaming experience with Face++ technology inside.


Meitu Xiu Xiu CrowsComing Free Skate Xtreme