Q: What’s the limitation of uploaded pictures?
A: The picture should be smaller than 3M with at least 16*16 pixels face area. 

Q: Is there any limitation of face numbers in one faceset?
A: Yes, one faceset may contain at most 10000 faces. See /faceset/create .

Q: What’s the limitation of API request?
A: There is no limit on the times of API requests. However, there is a limit on the number of concurrent API requests. See Important Update Released .

Q: What’s the difference between release and development app status?
A: For development version, the concurrent API request number limit is 3. For release version, no hard limit exists. See Important Update Released .

Q: Can Face++ online API analyze expression?
A: Currently Face++ only supports smiling estimation.  See /detection/detect .

Q: Why I always get ” AUTHORIZATION_ERROR”?
A: Make sure your configuration is correct. For example, your server configuration should be SERVER = ‘http://apius.faceplusplus.com/ ’ when you are using the US services. See Creat a new App .

Q:  What’s the meaning of the number of “x”and“y”?
A: They denote a 2-D point’s X and Y coordinates, specified as the percentage of the image’s width and height. See /detection/detect .

Q: Why haven’t I get pose and glass information?
A: You need specify those extra attribute info in your request. See /detection/detect .

Q: I can’t get face_id , why?
A: If no faceset/person contains the face_id, it will expire in 72 hours.  See /detection/detect .

Q: I got error “Name_existed”, why?
A: Person name should be unique in your app.

Q:  Why can’t I find my new-added faces?
A: A person must be re-trained if it is modified (add/remove faces). See /recognition/search .

Q: Why is my app upgrade request rejected?
A: Accessible APP link and detailed app descripiton should be provided. For any reason that you can’t provid now, please email support@faceplusplus.com.

Q: Does Face++ offline SDK provide landmark function?
A: No, only detection function is provided now.  

Q: I can’t get faceinfo when using local detector, why?
A: Check your detector initialization method. You should use the API_key on the download page when initializing the local detector. See the picture below.