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Face++ in ICCV2013 (Ⅱ)

2013-12-12 16:11:56

Face++ researchers have just returned from ICCV 2013, Sydney. It was an exciting adventure for the team!

During the conference, demos exhibited by Face++ received tremendous attention from both the academic and industrial community. Face++ team had a lot of interesting discussions with the researchers on how to help advance face technology from industry side. Moreover, many professionals with computer vision background showed great interest in applying Face++ service into their own products and applications.

Another piece of good news is that Face++ team won the "300-Face in the Wild" challenge during the workshop on Dec 7. This is the first facial landmark detection challenge in the "wild" scenario, targeting to motivate the progress in this direction. By leveraging the recently developed "deep learning" technology, Face++ team successfully proposed a coarse-to-fine framework for the problem, which has a great advantage over traditional shape-model based methods. This technology is expected to be released on the cloud platform soon! 

"New logo, new service". Face++ team continues to provide leading face technology service to the community, and works closely with developers to apply those technologies into new problems and areas. Keep in touch with us and glad to hear from you!