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Face++ achieved three No.1 performance on world-class tech evaluations!

2014-03-12 18:52:22

Face++ is on his road being the world's No.1  facial technology company. Nowadays, some reports have been released by relevant institutions. Face++ has won the first place in face detection, landmark detection and face recognition competitions.

  1. Face++ delivers state-of-art face detection performance in FDDB. See Face++ detect performance report.
  2. Face++ team won the “300-Face in the wild” challenge during the workshop of ICCV2013. See Face++ in ICCV2013.
  3. Face++ team got the champion of LFW with accuracy of 97.27% , beat Facebook team (Former Face.com team) of 97.25% . Click here to download the paper.

All the new techs will be coming soon as API service!

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