We are moving to new Face++ Cognitive Services

This old Face++ platform will end service by 1st May, 2017. Please visit our all new Face++ Cognitive Services.
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Important Update Released: No more fee! More functions!

2013-10-16 17:22:59
Face++ announces that all online API are FREE from now! Developers can call the API as many time as you want! Detailed new policies are,
  1. No fee for online API.
  2. No limit on times of API request.
  3. To prevent evil attack, the number of synchronized API requests will be limited. That is, suppose the number of synchronized API requests is k, then at any time, Face++ server will only process no more than k request from one application. For trial version, k=1. For development version, k=3. For online version, there is no limit on k. Applications created before Oct 16, 2013 are all online version by default (but evil usage will be degraded).
In the latest released version, more functions are added. They are,
  1. New attribute in /detection/detect API:
    • landmark (25 key points for one face)
    • glass (whether the person wear a pair of glass or not)
    • smile (whether the person is smiling or not)
    • pose (the 3D orientation of a face, including Pitch/Roll/Yaw)
  2. Update algorithm for /recognition/search and /train/search: We implemented a new algorithm with better performance for face search. You can call /train/search first and then call /recognition/search to have a try with the new algorithm.