Core Concepts

Face++ API consists of 5 core classes of objects: Image, Face, Person, FaceSet and Group.

  • Image means the input image that User provides for detection and recognition. User can pass image via a URL parameter or upload its binary file via HTTP POST. Every Image has a unique img_id.
  • Face refers to any face detected in the Image. Each Image may contain multiple Faces. Each Face is assigned a unique face_id.
  • Person means a Face collection of the same person. Each Person has a unique person_id and person_name. A face can be assigned to two or more Persons simultaneously.
  • Faceset means a set of Faces, while the faces are not required to be from the same person. Each Faceset has a unique faceset_id and faceset_name. A face can be assigned to two or more Persons or Facesets simultaneously.
  • Group is a set of Persons. Usually, Group is used as a search pool for identifying some Person. Each Group has a unique group_id and group_name.

Note that all the ids for Image, Face, Person, Faceset and Group are unique within each App and automatically assigned by system. Developer may use XXX_name attributes of Person and Group objects to store App defined ids respectively.

Pipeline of a Typical Face++ App