Face++ v0.91 released!


We are happy to announce that Face++ has been upgraded to v0.91.

What’s new in v0.91:

  1. Performance optimization in /recognition/compare and /recognition/search
  2. A new and interesting DEMO: Face Search.

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Face++ v0.9 Released!


Face++ is a new vision platform, providing top Face Detection, Face Recognition, and Face Analysis technology. Face++ aims at building a set of compact, powerful, and cross-platform vision service, which enables the web/mobile developers to use the cutting-edge vision techs easily and feature their own apps with brand-new user experience. Both REST API and local API (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS) are avaialble in Face++. With Face++, you will be able to build powerful apps of Remote ID Verification, User Interest Analysis, new HCI Games, and Social Networking, etc. The team of Face++ consists of top researchers from Oxford Univ., USC Univ., and Tsinghua University. Still waiting? Let's Face++.