Application Management System & Command Line Tool

In Face++ Developers page, click on ‘’My App”.


Choose any application,click “MANAGE NOW”, access the information interface.You can  download iOS/Android local detector by clicking IOS or ANDROID icon.


Click “upgrade” to upgrade your application. After auditting successfully, your App status will change from Developer to Release which means unlimited concurrency. What you have to do is to profile your message.


Each module functions as follows:

App Information: View basic information, reset API Secret.

API Usage Log: Show the API usage, including face detection etc.

Edit Profile: Modify the application information, including renaming, filling out more detailed information, as well as modifying the application type, and so on. Note you can not modify the server type.

APP Console: Show Groups and Facesets created by the application, containing information such as Person, Face etc. Learn more please move to core concepts.

Remove: Remove this application.