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This old Face++ platform will end service by 1st May, 2017. Please visit our all new Face++ Cognitive Services.
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Update Released: 83 key points for one face!

2013-11-25 16:53:41
Hello, Face++ developers. We are pleased to announce that some new features have been released in the latest version API. The Dev Center is also improved in some aspects. New features provided by latest API
  1. A new local face detector has been released (iOS & Android). Developers can download it on the “My App” page. Please refer to Application Management System & Command Line Tool for detailed instructions.
  2.  A new /detection/landmark API is provided. It is able to detect 83 key facial points, including eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and face contour. We hope that it will be a powerful tool for developers to build up interesting interactive applications. Developers can find more details in /detection/landmark.
  3.  A newer version of race analysis algorithm is released. This upgrade reduces the error rate by 50% in our benchmark testing. We will continue to upgrade the back-end API to provide more accurate results for all the face attributes.
Improvements on the website
  1. An overview page of Face++ API is added. It collects all the API interface documents so that developers can quickly locate the information they need.
  2.  “Quick Start” page is reorganized; with step-by-step instructs elaborated to help the fresh users to utilize the advanced face recognition technologies provided by Face++.
  3.  A roadmap for creating new Face++ Apps is added in the Dev Center. Developers can just follow the steps to create their first Face++ App.